Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Convent Episode 2

Episode 2 was shown last Wednesday - you can watch it again or see extra clips here. My thoughts...

I was struck again by how brave the four women featured in this programme are. They have left everything that they know and are familiar with to try out this alien way of life - a way of life that is unusual by Catholic standards and these women are not Catholic. I wonder how 'regular' Catholics would cope? I wonder if I would cope?

What each of them is experiencing is fascinating in different ways and yet, it's somehow the same. It's like they have taken a time out from themselves to experiment with new ways of thinking and viewing and modelling the world and themselves.

When I watch the programme, I like that God is not referenced just for the sake of it - I don't notice a 'it's a programme about Catholics, therefore we must mention God continuously' type thing. Although, given that I am a Catholic, I honestly don't pay huge attention to the explainations - I do tend to take that as a given. Given my cultural specs, I only notice the nuns referencing God and Catholic teaching when it helps them to live and to be themselves. It's like the rules and teachings that sometimes seem to be a burden, the nuns use as tools. Will have to think more on this.

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1dayin7 said...

I think it's really beautiful that the Beeb are doing this again... It's good to see Christians, Catholics, living as a *community*.

I look forward to the day when there could be enough interest in a show called "the Parish"...!