Saturday, June 03, 2006

Interesting stuff...

Just saw an ad for the new BBC series, The Convent. They're selling it as a real, lasting detox for the soul, as opposed to a quick fix, makeover type programme. I like it.

Doctor Who tonight was pretty cool. The bad guy appears to be Satan, who was released from a pit in a planet suspended in orbit around a black hole. We haven't seen him - he takes over the bodies of a slave race, so they act in legion. It's a part one of a part two and I'm really interested to see how it is concluded.

The BBC also seem convinced that the Pope will accept an invitation to visit England from Tony Blair, while he is in Rome. A couple of months ago, the lead story in the Catholic papers was that the Pope had already declined an invite. It'd be cool if he comes, but I doubt it'll be just because Tony Blair asks him.

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