Tuesday, June 06, 2006


A youth event last Sunday, to celebrate Pentecost, at the SPEC centre. It's just far enough away to be outside London, but close enough to get there in about an hour and only cost £4.20 return on the train. I went with two friends- we joke that we're more like an extended family. We rarely get the chance to hang out together, so it was cool.

It was a lovely sunny day - not too hot. Mass was celebrated outside with Fr. Vlad and Fr. Chris. The music was on the happy clappy side (which I do enjoy), well sung and with meaning - something I hear so rarely but makes it all the more special. We had a talk from a youth worker guy (cannot remember his name). He talked about the Acts passage from the Mass readings. There was a BBQ AND they had veggie sausages! There were performances by a guy called Tim (cannot remember his name) and Crossbeam. Both were excellent.

I just love this place. This is the fifth time I've been to SPEC and it just always makes me feel better and okay to be me. Love it.

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