Thursday, April 13, 2006

Maundy Thursday - our service

I did not expect to be feeling how I am feeling now yesterday. I expected that I would be quite sad and tired. I have had a normal working day, followed by a full Mass with lots of music to sing.

But, Thank God, I feel alright. Almost everything at this evening's service went well. There was minimal tension and anger. We (the choir) knew what we were doing. That sentence bears repeating because I so often find myself in a haze of confusion: We knew what we were doing. There were no sudden surprises, no unexpected occurances. Admittedly, I got to Church very early and managed to speak to everyone involved in organising some aspect of the liturgy. But everyone was okay.

This might appear very strange if you are reading this and you don't know me. The last time I got home from a major liturgical celebration and did not feel depressed, exhausted and tearful was at our parish confirmation last July. I'm almost giddy with excitement that I'm okay. Which is completely contrary to the events we celebrated tonight and are preparing for tomorrow - but I think I may be able to cope with that.

God is Good, All the Time.

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