Thursday, April 13, 2006

Doing the right thing

Doing the right thing is really hard.

Stating the obvious really, but it always strikes me at the Last Supper how bittersweet it must have been for Jesus. To celebrate the Passover with the disciples and to know it was for the last time and to know what was to come next. And yet he just carried on.

That to me is the essence of freedom and free will (a concept I have struggled with) - to carry on being yourself and doing the right thing and not change just because of what other people say or do, or what the cost is to you (although what other people say or do can also push you back on the right track, if you get lost).

In this light, Jesus' struggle in the Garden is where he convinces himself (again) to do what he knows is right. It's not that he's not going to do it - the decision has already been made. But he chooses again, he chooses to continue, he chooses to be himself, no matter the cost.

This is the most daunting challenge for me - to see God's will for me, to know it, to want to do it and to do it.

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PeteB said...

Hi Louise,
Easter is of course the most exciting of all the Christian festivals. It's the one that hasn't been hijacked by secular society with tinsel and stuff - apart from chocolate easter eggs, chicks, bunnies and all that!
It always encourages, inspires and gives hope to those with true faith.
Keep on blogging - I'm enjoying it!