Tuesday, May 23, 2006


It is not that someone else is preventing you from living happily;
you yourself do not know what you want.
Rather than admit this,
you pretend that someone else
is keeping you from exercising your liberty.
Who is this?
It is you yourself.
Thomas Merton
New Seeds of Contemplation
A seminarian came to talk to our Confirmation groups this evening about Vocation. He was so much himself, I found it unnerving. I found his talk uncomfortable to listen to, only because it was so true.
I heard a talk from a careers advisor last month (the talk itself was about interacting with young people) who referenced the MBTI - a personality indicator test. He talked about knowing who you are and doing what you are meant to do in terms of doing what comes naturally, unforced, what you fit.
I can only think of two non-religious, non-clerical people (one I know well, one I've met briefly) so completely themselves and doing what they are meant to be doing.

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